Saturday, 21 August 2010

All about Me

My name is Aiman Haqeem Raja. I'm 12 years old and go to Gartree High School. I was born in Leicester, and I live in Leicester, with my Mum, Dad and little Sister. I used to have a pet cat named Booty. We gave him that name because he was black and looked like he had white boots. But one day, I fed him breakfast then let him out. But he never came back :'( Anyway, I am a sports person. My favourite sport is Gymnastics. I've been in many competitions and I've never gone home without a medal : ) My dream is to compete with my Gymnastics in the olympics for Team GB. I also, like my Dad, do Capoeira and a bit of Parkour. In Capoeira, I have a yellow/orange cord, my Dad has a yellow. Cord is what the Karate people call belt.

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