Monday, 23 August 2010


Capoeira is a Brazillian Martial Arts, that both my Dad and I do. My Dad has a yellow cord, I have a yellow/orange. This Martial Art, incoporates not just Martial Arts, but also, music, dance and acrobatics. It's a good Martial Art because you're never just standing there, you're always moving. With Karate or Boxing, you just stand there waiting, and then punch, and then wait again. It's boring!!! We do Capoeira to the music, move around more, and then we attack. But, if the other person also learns Capoeira, he will be able to avoid. Capoeira is not coreographed. Here is a video of my Dad and I doing Capoeira at the NEC, Birmingham.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

My Sister

My Sister's name is Ainur Haneesa Raja, she's just recently turned 8 years old. She used to do Gymnastics, but got bored very quickly. After that, she tried Dance, but that she didn't like either. Although, Ainur does like doing Maths and writing random stories in her multiple notepads!!! I find that boring. Ainur also likes to slap, punch kick and jump on me!!! I doesn't hurt though, I find it funny when she does that. Haha!!!


The word 'Gymnastics' has come up a few times in my past posts, so I decided to talk about it in more detail. Gymnastics is my favourite sport. It's a way of moving around the floor, you can Flip, Somersault or even just walk on your tiptoes. It's also a way of clearing an obstacle called a Vault. Some people might just jump on to there feet, and then just jump off, simple. Or you could jump on to your hands instead, then spring off onto your feet. That's a bit harder and it's called a Handspring. Here are a few videos of me doing Gymnastics.                                                                                                                                                               

Saturday, 21 August 2010

All about Me

My name is Aiman Haqeem Raja. I'm 12 years old and go to Gartree High School. I was born in Leicester, and I live in Leicester, with my Mum, Dad and little Sister. I used to have a pet cat named Booty. We gave him that name because he was black and looked like he had white boots. But one day, I fed him breakfast then let him out. But he never came back :'( Anyway, I am a sports person. My favourite sport is Gymnastics. I've been in many competitions and I've never gone home without a medal : ) My dream is to compete with my Gymnastics in the olympics for Team GB. I also, like my Dad, do Capoeira and a bit of Parkour. In Capoeira, I have a yellow/orange cord, my Dad has a yellow. Cord is what the Karate people call belt.

My Dad

I think I have the best Dad in the world. He does a Brazillian Martial Arts called 'Capoeira'. It incorporates Music, Dance, Acrobatics and obviously, Martial Arts. My Dad also does a bit of Parkour. Parkour is Freerunning but without all the Flips and Somersaults. Created by a French man named David Belle, he is amazing. My Dad is also the master of cooking Apam Balik. It's basically a pancake with crushed peanuts and sugar sprinkled all over. To finish, is a dollap of margerine in the middle and then folded in half. Delicious!!! And like my Mum, he goes to the gym very often.

My Mum

I think I have the best Mum in the world!!! My Mum has her own Catering business, making cupcakes!!! She's made cupcakes for birthday parties, Christmas, Eid and even weddings!!! She's also a great cook. If you want anything my Mum will cook it. Whether it's Rice, Spaghetti, Pie or Roast Chicken. Roast Chicken is my personel favourite. I had it yesterday!!! Delicious!!! All that will make anyone fat, but my Mum goes to the gym, so its alright.